Advanced Food Microbiology online courses

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ADVERTORIAL – Are you a food professional or working in the food industry? Would you like to strengthen your expertise and knowledge of the ecology and physiology of food-associated microbes, and their impact on quality and safety? Would you like to know more about sampling and other tools for food safety management?

Advanced Food Microbiology online courses

The online Advanced Food Microbiology courses:  ‘Minimal Processing, Preservation and Fermentation’  and ‘Tools for Food Safety Management’ , both four-week courses and part-time, enabling you to enhance your career while combining study and work.

Interesting for who?

If you are a QA manager and want to upgrade your understanding of food microbiology, these online courses will be very suitable. If you are an auditor, product developer or food control officer, online Advanced Food Microbiology courses will bring background information directly to be applied in your daily work. Please be aware that good understanding of the basics of food microbiology is essential to make a deep dive into these online Advanced Food Microbiology courses.

Results after the course

More than ever, you will understand how microbes influence (un)wanted quality and functionality of food products, and you will be able to adjust purchase, storage and processes in food industry to improve food quality and safety.

For more details on the content of the two courses, please look at our website.

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