Moayad Abushokhedim

Oprichter 7th Circle

Moayad AbushokhedimMoayad is proud Jordanian entrepreneur living in Netherlands, Rotterdam. With aim of changing the food and beverage industry to become natural, zero chemical, and harmful for us and the environment, with his commitment to work with circular economy Moayad has done remarkably well introducing Fooditive, world first natural additives and sweeteners, which is in market in 2018-2019. Moayad Is entrepreneur, scientist, committed, positive, a leader, and always challenging himself for his next innovation, Moayad have already won many computation in both food innovation worldwide and packaging innovation. Moayad always believes that successful entrepreneur can't be afraid of failures or setbacks. An initial setback can be a great opportunity to take a new and more promising approach to any problem, to come back stronger than ever.